Loofah & Wood Pulp Sponge: Single Sponge
Loofah & Wood Pulp Sponge: Single Sponge
Loofah & Wood Pulp Sponge: Single Sponge
Loofah & Wood Pulp Sponge: Single Sponge
Loofah & Wood Pulp Sponge: Single Sponge

Loofah & Wood Pulp Sponge: Single Sponge

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A generic plastic-based sponge takes approximately 52,000 years to decompose. This natural sponge is an easy eco-friendly kitchen swap- perfect for cleaning your dishes.  Our powerful and compostable dual-action sponge is plant-based instead of plastic, but works like a conventional kitchen sponge.  * Free of all plastics, petrochemicals and other coatings * Hand-sewn with cotton thread instead of plastic glues or adhesives * Easy-to-sanitize - dishwasher safe and can be boiled Our sponges are a great alternative to the synthetic sponge. They are made from 100% natural loofah and wood pulp. The sponges appear hard at first, however, once soaked in water they expand and soften - watch the video! Care & Use Instructions Use the same way as regular sponges. Rinse before & after use. Dishwasher safe.  These sponges arrive package free    
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Kind words from Julia

Hi Jill. My partner got me your book for Xmas and I just finished it and am about to go back through and take notes and do the writing prompts. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and putting such a lovely book together! I'm in CT and started gardening last year. Keen to get a better handle on it and your book has already been immensely helpful! Just wanted to share my thanks and appreciate. Cheers!


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