I’m Jill Ragan,

Farmer and Shop Owner at Whispering Willow Farms nestled in the hill country of Central Arkansas. I’ve been on this garden-growing, homesteading adventure for the last 10 plus years. I never finished my agriculture degree nor do I come from a prominent family of well-to-do farmers, but I do come from a long, honest line of tried and true backyard gardeners who grew food out of necessity and gardened with passion.

The wisdom they sewed into me are not lessons you can learn from a textbook or a quick google search. They are core values and principles that guide you as a farmer. Watching them work the land as a way of life piqued my curiosity and planted a seed of desire to one day grow my own food.

As I said, I have spent the last 10 years of my adult life dedicating my time, energy, and resources to learning this skill and growing my craft as a farmer.
My husband and I now have a small farm where we grow food, flowers and livestock for our family and our community. Through our online courses, we teach others how to plan and steward their own farms and dreams.

It’s been our joy to walk with thousands of people across the country as they cultivate their land and begin their own journey of living a self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle.
I believe we’ve all been called to something, and for me, it’s the garden and my community. It’s raising a generation aware of their food and how it’s grown and cared for. It’s to encourage every single person that they were called to do great things. I’ve never been so proud of the work I’ve done before, and I hope throughout our shop, you will feel inspired to grow your own food, flowers and cultivate your self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle.

Thank you for supporting your local farmers and artisans.

I’ll talk to you soon,