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Throughout the years, I’ve married my love of farming with collecting unique artisan made goods to promote sustainable living. My heart for our little shop is to inspire you to steward our beautiful Earth and live in community daily.


Hand Crafted Mugs

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In The Tiny But Mighty Farm,

author Jill Ragan of YouTube’s Whispering Willow Farm teaches you how to turn a typical suburban backyard into a productive mini farm.

Backyard mini farming is about regular people who live in regular houses turning all or part of their property into a productive, high-yielding mini farm. Unlike gardening, mini farming takes a very deliberate approach, with the main goal being to grow as much food as you can with as little land and as few resources as possible. Everything is done with planning and purpose, rather than as a hobby. Whether your property is one-tenth of an acre, one full acre, or somewhere in between, there are so many opportunities to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs in creative and high-yielding ways.

If concerns aboutfood security and the rising cost of food have you feeling uneasy, or if you just want to play a bigger role in feeding your family and your community, starting a backyard mini farm is the answer. With Jill as your friendly and encouraging guide, you’ll learn how to grow food for your family and, if you want, sell part of your harvest for a profit. From discovering what kind of mini farmer you want to be to selecting the best high-yielding varieties and planning out and preparing your growing spaces, it’s all covered in these pages.

With Jill’s help you’ll learn:

  • The best tools for running a successful mini farm (hint: a tractor isn’t on the list!)
  • Advice on whether to grow in the ground, in raised beds, or indoors How soil health impacts the longevity of your backyard farm Whether heirlooms or hybrids bring bigger yields
  • Ways to use structures like high tunnels and greenhouses to improve production
  • The many satisfactions of growing food for others and how much money you can expect to earn

In the process of cultivating food, you’ll also be cultivating yourself, your family, and your community in the most beautiful and inspiring ways. With help from The Tiny But Mighty Farm, food self-sufficiency and seasonal, organic eating is an achievable goal. Big yields from a typical backyard is what a well-designed, functional mini farm is all about.

Steward Well Jewelry Line

Hey there! My name is Jenny Keylor. I am the owner/creator of 1979 Culture. I am wife to one amazing man of 22 years, mama to four awesome kiddos, and a third generation artist that just can't keep my hands out of things! 

Creating is truly life giving to me and creating pieces of jewelry that bring others joy and encouragement is an honor and a privilege. I am a lover of Jesus, coffee, all things vintage & bohemian, and am truly passionate about being a good steward of this gift of life. 

Life on our Farm

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Cultivating Community
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We are a family owned tiny but mighty farm in the hill country of Central Arkansas
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The Tiny But Mighty Farm

How to cultivate high yields, community, and self sufficiency from a home farm

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Unique collection of handcrafted goods curated by Jill
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The Summer Solstice Collection
by Whispering Willow Farm

2.5" Seed Starter Pots

Inspired by the warming summer sun

Hi there, I’m Jill!
Welcome to Whispering Willow Shop.

You’ll find beautiful collections of kitchen and garden goods that are perfect staples for your day to day and gifts for your favorite people. 

WWF Flower Press
Hand Crafted
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20 Gallon - Compost Tea Bomb
Make up to 20 gallons of compost tea!
Probiotics for your plants!
Ingredients: Compost, Alfalfa, Insect Frass, Kelp
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Bench Scraper
Hand crafted of solid Red Oak
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Sourdough Spatula
Hand crafted of solid Red Oak
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Raspberry, Fruity, Caramelized Brown Sugar

NEW Morning Glory Blend



Harvests are becoming a daily ritual again... and I'm back in my element. I love that I've come to rely on the knowledge that the first strawberries arrive in mid-May, followed by peonies around memorial weekend (they opened today!), followed by cherries in the orchard in the first week of June. By the 4th of July our raspberries and blackberries should be ready. And so on. I feel most connected to mv land this time of ear as I've come to learn its patterns. For me, it reinforces the practice of permaculture and growing perennial crops that I can rely on year after year. 

I'm also loving my new leather tool holster too from @whisperingwillowfrm! Perfect for my phone, knife and a chapstick.

Los Angeles, CA

Psyched about my new garden tool belt from Jill & Nathan @whisperingwillowfrm


So excited to get my new scraper and stir stick. 🤗 My sourdough starter Pete is getting spruced up with new tools! Awesome craftsmanship@whisperingwillowfrm.


I just received my beautiful tool belt and I had a cup of the new coffee blend this morning it was great. I love love love the garden tool belt. Excellent quality and workmanship I would definitely buy it again. God Bless Whispering Willow arm

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When the world is absolutely unbearable, I make things to cope. Thank you @whisperingwillowfrm for the amazing sourdough course❤ Audrey, my starter, is a beast. And my breads have been delicious and comforting. 💙💛


This process has been very new to me. Ive questioned everything even with step by step instructions from@whisperingwillowfrmand@mindfulfarmerarkansasBut I kept going and I just pulled my first fresh loaf of sourdough bread out of the oven. It smells glorious and I feel incredibly accomplished!


Super excited to use my new garden tool belt and be able to support another small farmer@whisperingwillowfrm.


My first focaccia! This turned out so amazing, I’m in love with it!@whisperingwillowfrm@mindfulfarmerarkansastaught me how to refresh#otisand I’m loving making#sourdoughbreadTomorrow I’m going to use my discard to make sourdough chocolate chip cookies.#wishmeluck


I can’t wait to get through this weird weather the next couple days in Colorado and start brewing compost tea from these amazing tea bombs from@whisperingwillowfrm- packed full of nutrients and easy to use, this liquid gold be ready by next weekend! Hopefully the snow will melt by then! 😂 my flowers, herbs & veggies in our personal gardens will thank me#gracegardensco#thegraceplace#smallscaleflowers#bouquets#composttea#teabombs#supportsmallbusiness#whisperingwillowfarm#handmade

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Put some beautiful artwork on display on your coffee mug, water bottle or anywhere!
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Art by Larissa Compton
Recycle Tote Bag
50% of ALL proceeds on this tote bag will be donated to the Habits of Waste Organization
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