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Learn the art & science of sourdough with us!

Walk through the basics of working with natural fermentation, rehydrating Otis the starter, maintaining a healthy starter, shaping, proofing, and baking.
We will make a loaf perfect for the everyday and speciality breads like Focaccia and chocolate loaves all while providing great problem-solving tricks for when problems a"rise"!

Sourdough Mini-Course

The course is perfect for the aspiring home baker looking to begin or deepen their knowledge of sourdough. In this content-packed mini-course, we will dive into the history, health, techniques, tools, art and science of sourdough. We will equip you with a working knowledge of the process, recipes, and troubleshooting tips. 

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Otis - Sourdough Starter

Otis the Sourdough Starter has been growing since 2013 and has made hundreds and hundreds of loaves for dozens of bakers. Arriving as 10 grams of dehydrated starter, Otis will be ready for baking shortly after being revived. Just follow our step-by-step guide to get Otis active again.

Otis | Sourdough Starter

Tea Towels

Hand pressed tea towels make a great cover for proofing your sourdough. These tea towels are USA Made and sustainably produced.

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Tea Towels

hand made | USA | sustainably produced



This process has been very new to me. Ive questioned everything even with step by step instructions from@whisperingwillowfrmand@mindfulfarmerarkansasBut I kept going and I just pulled my first fresh loaf of sourdough bread out of the oven. It smells glorious and I feel incredibly accomplished!


When the world is absolutely unbearable, I make things to cope. Thank you @whisperingwillowfrm for the amazing sourdough course❤ Audrey, my starter, is a beast. And my breads have been delicious and comforting. 💙💛