My name is Jenny Keylor

I am the owner/creator of 1979 Culture. I am wife to one amazing man of 22 years, mama to four awesome kiddos, and a third generation artist that just can't keep my hands out of things! 

Creating is truly life giving to me and creating pieces of jewelry that bring others joy and encouragement is an honor and a privilege. I am a lover of Jesus, coffee, all things vintage & bohemian, and am truly passionate about being a good steward of this gift of life. 

Steward Well Line

All supplies are sourced from other US owned small businesses. I work hard to intentionally support other small businesses while also ensuring the best quality. I love working with raw materials and each piece in this line is either solid raw brass or solid raw copper. Starting with raw materials gives me more freedom in my design. Each piece is cut, hammered for texture and strength, each design is individually hand stamped, holes are punched by hand, pieces are buffed and sanded for smooth edges, polished, non-toxic wax is applied in two coats, polished again, assembled by hand, and then packaged. So, each piece is truly handmade.  The wax sealer will prevent your piece from tarnishing and protect the integrity of the design.  These pieces are made for every day wear. However, over time, brass and copper will begin to naturally patina, which is the hidden beauty behind these materials. The patina is gorgeous and lends to a more vintage look but if vintage is not your thing, then a simple jewelry cloth will shine it back up for you!

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