Whispering Willow Collection 6 cell plugs
6 Cell Multicolor Whispering Willow Farm collection
Bronze 6 cell insert
Bronze 6 cell inserts in a 1020 black tray
Chrysanthemum 6 cell trays in a 1020 black 2.5" tray
Chrysanthemum 6 cell whispering willow farm collection
6 Cell Plug Tray Inserts | Whispering Willow Farm X Bootstrap Farmer
Meadow 6 cell plug trays Whispering Willow Farm Collection
Pewter 6 cells in 1020 deep tray
Pewter 6 cell insert
Sage 6 cell insert in 1020 black deep tray
Sage 6 cell insert
6 cell sage and 6 cell meadow plug tray from Whispering Willow Farm Collection
Whispering Willow Farm 6 cell collection

6 Cell Plug Tray Inserts | Whispering Willow Farm X Bootstrap Farmer

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If you're someone who's inspired by nature, then you'll love the muted earthy tones of the exclusive Whispering Willow x Bootstrap Farmer collection. Created by Jill Ragan of Whispering Willow Farm, this collection is inspired by her love for nature and its beautiful colors.

For all of your plant-starting endeavors, these 6-cell plug trays are perfect for getting your flower and vegetable garden started. Not only are they esthetically pleasing, but they are also proudly made in the USA. With these trays, you can enjoy the perfect combination of nature-inspired colors and design while supporting American businesses.

Get your garden started in style with the Whispering Willow x Bootstrap Farmer collection and its 6-cell plug trays today!


Bronze - brownish hue with a slight olive tint.
Chrysanthemum pale terracotta orange.
Sage - grayish green.
Meadow deep green.
Pewter light gray.


  • Made from FDA Prime Grade Extra Strength Polypropylene (#5 BPA free) plastic
  • Extra Large ⅝" Drainage Hole which makes for an incredibly easy seedling removal. 
  • These 6 Cell Inserts are designed with Air Prune technology. Air channels are added on each side to prevent root circling.  Air pruned roots are shown to provide healthier and more vigorous growth. 
  • Proudly made in the USA our Seed trays are guaranteed to last at least 2 years
  • Available in bronze, chrysanthemum, sage, meadow, pewter, and multicolor.
  • 12 inserts fit per 1020 tray
  • 60 pack gives you a total of 360 cells
  • 120 pack gives you a total of 720 cells
  • 360 pack gives you a total of 2,160 cells


  • Seed tray insert outer dimensions: 5" x 3⅓" x 2¼" height
  • Each cell in tray insert is 1½" x 1½" x 2⅛" on top which tapers down to 1" at the bottom
  • Air pruning slits measure 0.11" wide x 1¼" tall
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way

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Kind words from Julia

Hi Jill. My partner got me your book for Xmas and I just finished it and am about to go back through and take notes and do the writing prompts. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and putting such a lovely book together! I'm in CT and started gardening last year. Keen to get a better handle on it and your book has already been immensely helpful! Just wanted to share my thanks and appreciate. Cheers!


Hi friend,

I'm Jill. 

Welcome to Whispering Willow Shop. Throughout the years, I’ve married my love of farming with collecting unique artisan made goods to promote sustainable living. My heart for our little shop is to inspire you to steward our beautiful Earth and live in community daily. 

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I believe we’ve all been called to something, and for me, it’s the garden and my community. It’s raising a generation aware of their food and how it’s grown and cared for. It’s to encourage every single person that they were called to do great things. And it’s to offer you beautiful, ethical goods that empower you to live a purpose-filled, intentional lifestyle in your kitchen and garden. 

I’ve never been so proud of the work I’ve done before, and I hope throughout our shop, you will feel inspired to grow your own food and cultivate your own self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle.



Check out my new merch from @whisperingwillowfrm !! I love these reusable grocery bags she has! They're perfect size and great quality!! Go get you one!! Thanks for the extra surprise! Y'all are amazing!!

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“Find what sparks joy and grow that in abundance”

Jill Ragan

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