Super-Cal® Whispering Willow
Super-Cal® Whispering Willow

Super-Cal® Whispering Willow

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Don’t starve your plants of the calcium they need. Super-Cal®provides immediately available calcium for your soil and plants.

Many other calcium products like Lime or Gypsum supply calcium, but often they have long wait times before the calcium is in a soluble form.

Super-Cal® not only provides calcium immediately available for plant absorption, but it also is formulated with a proprietary blend of organic acids that work in the soil to break down previously unavailable calcium. These chelators convert non-available calcium into an available form that plants can utilize.

CAUTION: To avoid the formation of insoluble precipitates, do not mix Super-Cal® with materials containing phosphates or sulfates. DO NOT apply Super-Cal® to the foliage of African Violet plants.

Derived from: non-synthetic Calcium Chloride Brine


How to Use

Lawns: Apply 6 oz. of Super-Cal® per 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn every 30-45 days throughout the entire growing season followed by watering, or make a single application of Super-Cal® at the rate of 20 oz per 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn in spring when growth begins. (Hose end sprayers, irrigation fertilizer injectors or standard pump sprayers work best for this application.)

Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Gardens Soil Application: 12-16 oz. of Super-Cal® per 1,000 sq. ft. of garden area prior to planting. (Hose end sprayers, irrigation injectors, or standard liquid sprayers work best for this application.)

Drench, Transplant, or Watering Solution:Dilute 2 oz. of Super-Cal® per 1 gallon of water. Use 4 oz. of diluted solution (1/2 cup) per plant every 2-4 weeks.

Foliage Spray: Dilute 2 oz. of Super-Cal® per 1 gallon of water and mist evenly onto plant foliage every 3-4 weeks. Water as usual.

*1 Ounce = 2 Tablespoons

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