Garlic Seed *PRE-ORDER*
Garlic Seed *PRE-ORDER*

Garlic Seed *PRE-ORDER*

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Garlic is a rewarding and pleasurable crop to grow even though it takes an extremely long time from planting to harvesting. Garlic should be sown with the point of each clove facing up and at a depth of 1 inch to 1.5 inches depending on the soil structure. Sow garlic after the first frost but before the ground is frozen for the winter. Plant dates vary based in North America depending on latitude and elevation.  October 15 to the first week in December (If you are a far southern state). Check with your local growers to make sure that you find the best planting date for your specific region. Garlic typically will emerge and grow anywhere from about one inch to 4 inches before it goes into the deep winter. This is what you want. However, many intermediate growing season locations get cold and then warm up and then refreeze. This can be hard on many varieties of garlic so make sure that you plant late enough for your specific growing location.  Many growers choose to mulch their garlic with hay straw or another form of mulch. This might be something for you to consider. Garlic should be harvested 3-5 weeks after scapes are harvested. Bulb harvest is typically anywhere from May 15th to mid June depending on your location. 

Picking target planting weeks isn’t rocket science and there is normally a lot of grace in growing garlic. However, you will want to plant your garlic when you receive it for a few reasons. For your convenience your garlic will show up presplit so that all you have to do is plant it. This also helps with quality control and accuracy to weights. 

Opening up your box of garlic seed and letting your garlic lay out in a dry and cool area before planting is the best practice if you can’t plant immediately after you receive your box. 


These are *Hard-Neck* Varieties.


Garlic Shipping weeks

Ships out the week of October 17th ( Suggested Zones 3-4)

Ships out the week of October  24th (Suggested Zones 4-6)

Ships out the week of October31 /November (Suggested timing for Zones 6-7)

Ships out the week of November 7th  (Suggested Zones 7-8)

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